Corrugated Box Pattern

RegularSlottedContainer BOX (RSC)

It is the most used more than the other a box because generate with an easy manufacture from one paper . less Consumes material. And the box lid is Equal width. the lid is cover confluence Middle of the box .follow the long side of the box lid. The inside box lid will spacing according of the wide and the long side of the box and it help can shipping to customer with a flat plate. It is easy to pack and close boxes. RSC boxes can be sized to transport almost any type of product and can be used for extra strength.

FOL(Full Overlap SlottedContainer and FullOverlap Container)

The lid on all sides open as wide as the outer edge of the width of the box. It can to be Overlapping into overlap of both top and bottom covers get for a streng thens the box when stacked. It is suitable for packing heavy objects. It also helps to resist the neat handling better.

HSC (Half Slotted Container with Cover) have a two part

HSC (Half Slotted Container with Cover) have a two part The cover and the box are slots with a single-sided lid. The lid is covered by a cover that is less than two-thirds the height of the box. The cover is the same style as the design style or half-slotted style. Transportation and the event to reveal into open the cover often. For the Half slotted style covers are used in the battery industry, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Half Slotted Box with Half Slotted Partial Cover(PTHS)

It have two boxes consists , a box cover and box which is a slotted style, resistant to bulging and bulging. When the box is overweight, sometimes the manufacturer deliberately has to much Packing (over-packed), but the box was able to gain weight.

PTHS (Half Slotted Box with Half Slotted Partial Cover)

Like same the RSC box, but the height is very short little when compared to the length of the box . the box is closed with the tape at ends of the box . it ‘s provides a good durability because the lid is suitable as a container for transporting items of long rods such as rattan roller. Umbrellas and electrical appliances

Partitions and Pads

Components in the box are used for a part of portion and shockproof . It also reduces the portion between the items contained in a box that made from corrugated sheets, as required, it can be used as a shockproof . Protecting even more during transport, filling in the box is made from a well-chopped sheet of corrugated cardboard. Used for a variety of fragile items, such as glass bottles, vases, etc. When filling in the filling will help to strengthen the box and more.