The paper surface on the market may have a variety of names depending on the manufacturer of paper.

Each is determined by the difference in quality and appearance is key.

Which can be divided into four major categories.

White Paper Box (KS)

The white box is focused on The box customer as needs to emphasize the strength along with the beautiful. In terms of printing, the standard weight is 170 grams per square meter.

Gold Yellow Paper Box (KA)

The box is make to gold Yellow Paper Box . The paper is focused the box production is strength that requires stacking capacity and get most a weight. The yellow gold is the color very popular in Asia customers Because in the belief of the Chinese people are considered yellow as a sacred color. The standard weight of 125, 150, 185 to 230 g per square meter.

Natural Color Box (KI)

Natural color box The paper is focused on environmental friendliness. The color of the natural light makes the prints on the box stand out. The standard weight is from 125,150 and 185 grams per table. m.

M (Corrugating Medium)

It consists of two boxes, a box cover, which is a slotted style, resistant to bulging and bulging. When the box is overweight, sometimes the manufacturer deliberately has to. Over-packed, but the box can hold a good weight.
General Information
There are currently 3 types of corrugated paper. As below

1.Single Face

It consists of flat sheet of paper with corrugated. the plates are popular used for shockproofing products. Or used to cover the standard or use offset lon so we can used B, C, E.

2.Single Wall

The consist it have two corrugated sheets of one sheet of corrugated sheeting. The corrugated sheet is centered between the two sheets of paper, which is usually used for medium weight products. And The weight of the standard B, C, E

3.Double Wall

It consists of 3 smooth sheets of paper with 2 corrugated sheets placed alternately by corrugated paper next to the surface of the outer box. Corrugated C is used for high-defect or high-strength products such as B, C (B will be on the side). Outside the C-section is in side.

Corrugations Flute

We all know that. If the curve is adjusted to appropriate. The corrugated board manufacturers have adopted the same principle. It is used to produce the curvature of corrugated paper, we call “the curve”. The corrugated sheet is a type of corrugated sheet, when we use with linerboard can help for resistant to the curvature and pressure. The corrugated have a several level it have be size and height of the curl are not the same as the suitability of the use is different. The table below will be used to compare each type of roof to better understand.