Thai Paper Cartons Co., Ltd is the Provider and distributing corrugated packaging that used into industrial and parcel. By printing flexo system or water color system. Business is open more than 30 years . it have quality and services focus . Always trust and satisfaction from customers. The company can produce boxes and box components from corrugated paper and customers to be order that they want .The company also sell the products Boxes used to ship the package with standard model . it have basic information to select of corrugated cartons. Corrugated Box Pattern have a several grade from hyper level to other level. that made paper tough if the paper very sticky will effect on getting a weight and it be protects of internal materials products. Corrugated 3 layers (E, B, C) and 5 layers (BC Corrugated). It depending of usage with what a kind of items will be use getting a weight and how to protect a shocking. Flexographic printing1-3 colors system (Ceramic Mole). It have details of the image printed on the work well. Ink used : Watercolor usually, add ink shine, it can Waterproof coating, slip Coating, And varnish. Rotary Die-cut pump models are available in a variety of formats. To responded from much customers . including the box design allow the demand customer from the printing system used watercolors and ceramic mole that make the image are beauty and have a resolution . and also make an image have more complex and get more respond the demand of customer . and the another quality more of product that first we are think. A services is more thing that the company gives importance. So we are provide communication several channel services to customer get a sufficiency.